Friday, September 4, 2009

JKD right hook

Okay.First,form a fist,and punch yourself in the side of your head.Softly but hard enough to feel the pain.Then,punch yourself in the cheek.Now,punch yourself in the side of your jaw(close your mouth).

Did you feel that? you only get pain in the bone when you hit yourself in the head and cheek,but when you hit yourself in the jaw,it shakes your head and you can feel pain in the back part of your brain. And if your jaw is open,your jaw will get injured.

In Jkd.Your right hand is in front.And to do a right hook,It isnt required to pill back and swing your hand at your opponent like most people do.Just do a small swingning motion at his jaw and it would already cause lots of damage.Maybe even a knockout.And it is very effective because it is thrown from your lead hand.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Jeet Kune Do principles

To be a good fighter,you must first be freed of all forms.Like Bruce Lee said, a clasical mess.I have realised the true meaning of this after asking some 12 year olds to fight.They did not know any martial arts,yet one of them after hitting his oponent,did a takedown,and rained albows to his oponents back.If you get a martial arts practitioner,lets say a blue belt in taekwondo,he would be a lousier fighter.He would give up the use of his hands and other parts and focus on kicking.This is what bruce lee stated as a clasical mess.Therefore,when training in martial arts,we must always remember the principles of JKD.

Jeet Kune Do advocates that any practitioner be allowed to interpret techniques for themselves, and change them for their own purposes.
Be like water
Economy of motion
Efficiency(ablity to hit the target)

I have just started BJJ and I find that I can modify some of the techniques to be more direct and efficient.For example,when your oponent does a right cross,you use your left hand and hold his hand,then step in,use your right hand to elbow his face,and to an arm breaking move.
I modified it to my advantage,as i found that most boxers would keep their other hand up when doing a punch,so the elbow wouldnt hit them.Instead, I stood with my right foot in front.And when he did a cross,I did a right straight lead(which would hit the target because of the centerline control),then did the arm breaking move.
This contained the principles of jkd,economy of motion,efficency,directness,and simplicity.I have broken it down to the most simple yet useful move.

That was just an example of how to modify techniques using JKD's principles.

Directness and simplicity is very important,like the example of the 12 year olds fighting.When you get a chance,shove him over,and whats the next most direct move? elbowing his back! And if you do know martial arts,look for another more efficient move like doing a chokehold to finish the fight.

Wednesday, August 5, 2009


Horizontal punches are basicly more powerful than vertical punches.So use them when you get the chance.
Example-Duck then execute karate punch to the ribs/right jab.
Bruce lee wanted to free people from fixed martial arts styles,so please dont feel trapped by jeet kune do's vertical punches and do a horizontal punch when needed.
ps-ignore the retarded picture....wait...on second thought,punching the balls would also be a great croutch punch.....(and that croutching position is wrong too)

Change of thought

After lots of thinking,I find that I have to change some of my previous posts.Just some minor changes,but I think il just leave it there.Because my theories can change anytime,so Il post something only if its important.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Roundhouse kick vs snap kick

The answer is simple!
Roundhouse kicks to thigh and body,snap kicks to head.
Because,in my last post,I stated that the correct striking power should be just enough without the target getting into a uniform velocity after it has started moving.And the body and thigh are actually rooted in that position,so swing your leg into the body or thigh for maximum damage!!!!(The target actually moves but...oh well.You get what i mean.)(and this isnt really about impulse force,its about damaging body parts.Kinda like cutting the body into two,)

Now,for the head.Since the leg is damn heavy and powerful and slower than the hand and has a bigger surface area.A roundhouse kick to the head wouldnt be so effective because it will automaticly bring the head down with it.So that decreases impulse force greatly!(refer to previous post)So,bring your knee up,snap your foot into face using LEG mucles and return to original position.The true power of the snap kick comes from the leg combined with the hips,unlike the roundhouse kick. But IF you wanna do a high roundhouse kick,aim it downwards to the neck.Like this muay thai picture here.

ps:kicks will be explained in the future.
(snap kick) notice the difrence?

How to use impulse force to your advantage

Firstly,we have to know what factors affect it.

You should know what the symbols in the formula represent,but just in case you dont know.
v-final velocity
u-initial velocity

So,important factors affecting it in fighting are-rate of change of momentum and time of impact.

To increase striking power,punch hard and fast into target and pulling hand back as fast as posible.This increases change of momentum and decreases contact time.Do not pull your hand back as soon as it touches the target,let it sink into oponent and then pull hand back for maximum damage.

The trick is to let your fist sink in as much as it permits WITHOUT your oponents body part moving away with a uniform velocity with your fist still in contact .(this will decrease time of contact)

Now,lets talk about getting hit.

Now,we should focus on increasing contact time and decreasing change of momentum from oppoents strike.
When strike comes,and you get hit on your face,DO NOT LET FIST SINK INTO FACE.Relax and allow face to 'ride' the punch to minimise change of momentum by ensuring that initial velocity is low AND prolong contact time.
Example(fist hits you at 10m/s,fist stops.Change of momentum=10. If contact time is 1 second,force is 10N.)
If you apply knowledge of impluse force-(Fist swings at you at 10m/s.You move your face back at 4m/s.So fist hits you at 6m/s.You let face flow with the punch as it is still moving,thus,increasing contact time.So face touches fist for 2 seconds.6/2=3.
So in the end,you get hit with 3N of force.

ps: numbers used in examples are kinda crap,their just used for the purpose of better understanding.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Never ever EVER

OVERESTIMATE techniques.
I find that lots of beginers in fighting overestimate stuff they learn or see.Like the fingerjab,or the knee breaking side kick,or completely useless self defence moves they learn from taekwondo or some self defence school.
So,the next time u learn an actual GOOD skill like takedowns ,groin kicks,and the arm breaking move in my last post,dont be scared to use them.Chances are,they wont work as well as you think.